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What Is Anavar Oxandrolone?

Anavar is a very gentle oral steroid for strength growth and firmness of the muscles, as well as for women. Anavar is not safe for long muscle latitudes, for strength gain and muscle build-up, low pellets and water-free Oral medication. It is widely used for strength lifting and for female athletes, although it is a 17-aa class but very safe, with no female response, effectively boosting strength. The amount of 40- 80mg per day is usually used by bodybuilders for pre-match battles and with primobolan-depot, winstrol, deca-durabolin.

What’s The Effect Of Anavar Oxandrolone?

Regardless of the purpose of using Anavar, all users will find themselves recovering and muscular endurance improved. However, this does not mean that the duration of the training can be extended. Whether or not this affects the athletes depends on the specific circumstances. But what is certain is that the quality of training can be improved, and users can perform more quality training at the same time.

What’s The Ability Of Anavar Oxandrolone?

1.Anavar’s most important ability is to enhance the retention of nitrogen in muscle cells, reducing sex hormone binding globulin, inhibiting glucocorticoid secretion. The retention of intracellular nitrogen will increase the efficiency of anabolic metabolism and the lack of nitrogen will lead to catabolism. Reducing sex hormone binding globulin, on the other hand, not only increases the anabolic rate but also provides a free-standing function for all circulating anabolic steroids. As for glucocorticoids, this is mainly because they are a class of muscle steroids, most commonly cortisol. Not only do these hormones cause increased fat, they also lose muscle tissue.

2.Anavar can also increase the number of red blood cells in the blood, which can enhance endurance. Some studies show that this steroid can also increase cardiovascular tolerance. Most importantly, Anavar is the only steroid that can actually burn fat. Most steroids break down fat by boosting the body’s metabolic rate, and Anavar has a direct lipolytic function. Many believe this is because Anavar binds tightly to the androgen receptor and at the same time reduces thyroid binding globulin and also increases thyroxine binding to prealbumin. These abilities allow better use of triiodothyronine hormones and T3 hormones in the body.

Anavar Oxandrolone Cycle For Advanced Female

Week Anavar Primobolan Depot Nolvadex Clenbuterol HGH
1 10mg/ed 20mg/ed 2iu/ed
2 10mg/ed 40mg/ed 2iu/ed
3 10mg/ed 40mg/ed 2iu/ed
4 10mg/ed 40mg/ed 2iu/ed
5 10mg/ed 100mg/wk 60mg/ed 2iu/ed
6 100mg/wk 60mg/ed 2iu/ed
7 100mg/wk 60mg/ed 2iu/ed
8 10mg/ed 100mg/wk 80mg/ed 2iu/ed
9 10mg/ed 10mg/ed 80mg/ed 2iu/ed
10 10mg/ed 10mg/ed 80mg/ed 2iu/ed
11 10mg/ed 10mg/ed 100mg/ed 2iu/ed
12 10mg/ed 10mg/ed 100mg/ed 2iu/ed