Dihydroboldenone 1-Testosterone Cypionate Powder

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Dihydroboldenone, most commonly known as 1-Testosterone Cypionate, is a 5alpha reduced form of the steroid Boldenone. This lack of 5alpha reduction with the compound allows users to administe it without suffering the negative side effects associated with Dihydroboldenone Cypionate chemical reaction but also eliminates the benefits as well. In fact 1-Testosterone Cypionate is chemically identical to the Methenolone except for the 1-methylation that is apart of Methenolone. Also 1-Testosterone Cypionate is structurally similar to Bold 200 and less so to Testosterone despite the commonly used name for it 1-Testosterone Cypionate. For this reason some female athletes may be inclined to use 1-Testosterone Cypionate as well. The potential for development of symptoms of virilization still remain but are not as severe as with synthetic Testosterone or other harsher drugs. This is not to say however that 1-Testosterone Cypionate is a mild drug.

What are the uses of 1-Testosterone Cypionate?

1-Testosterone has an anabolic to androgenic ratio of 200/100. With 1-testosterone, many users report a hardening effect and an increase in vascularity. 1-testosterone appears to be best used for size gains, although it should still provide the user with strength gains as well. In effect, 1-testosterone has been compared to Primobolan and Equipoise, though overall it is a much more potent compound mg for mg. 1-testosterone is considered a “dry” compound which can be used during cutting phases yet because of its strength is can also be useful during a bulking phase.

1-Testosterone Cypionate Properties

Product Name 1-Testosterone Cypionate
Nickname 1-Testo, 1-T
CAS Number 65-06-5
Formula C19H28O2
Molar mass 288.42 g/mol
Appearance Pale yellow crystalline powder
Melting Point 192~196 °C
Dosage 300-400 mg/week to 1000 mg/week
Anabolic/Androgenic Ratio 200/100
Purity 98.6%
Policy Free Reship Policy
Quality Standard GMP Standard
Storage Store at 8℃-20℃, protect from moisture and light

1-Testosterone Cypionate Dosage

As for specific dosages used with this drug, the low end is primarily thought to be 300 to 400 mg per week for male users. Like all drugs this number will vary from user to user and also depends on how much of a dramatic effect a user will want to achieve with the drug. As for the highest doses that would be worthwhile for users to attempt, this again depends on a number of variables. Doses of 1000 mg per week are not uncommon for some users with others attempting doses in excess of this. It will always come back to how much one is willing to administer and at what point do the positives of increasing your doses begin to be outweighed by the negatives.

1-Testosterone Cypionate Structure

1-Testosterone Cypionate Recipes

Recipes for 50 ml @ 200 mg/ml, for reference only.
Materials Requested
10g 1-Testosterone Cypionate powder
10cc sryinges
20g needels
25g needles
22 or 45 whatmans
Cottenseed oil or GSO
steirile, sealed 50ml vial
unsealed 50ml vial
rubber stoppers
glass rod to stir

Manufacturing Operation
1.Put 50cc of water in the unsealed vial, and mark where that line was with a marker, and set both vials side by side and mark on the sterile vial.
2.Clean out unsealed vial with BA and let dry
3.Add 10g 1-Testosterone Cypionate powder to unsealed vial
4.Add 12mls (NOT %) benzyl benzoate to powder
5.Add 3mls benzyl alcohol
4.Use glass rod to stir solution, while the powder starts to dissolve.
5.Put a pot of water on stove, and bring to a boil
6.Add cottonseed Or GSO ,until it is about 3-4 ccs (estimate) shy of the marker line.
6.Put rubber stopper on unsealed vial, and put a 25g needle through it.
7.Put vial in boiling water until the solution is no longer cloudy.
8.Clean off sterile vial stopper with alcohol wipe, and put 25 g needle through it.
9.Useing filters, and 10cc sryinges, start to filter the solution into the sterile vial.
10.When all the solution is in the vial, filter more cottenseed oil though the SAME Filter, up to the marker line on vial. reason for this is to push through any 1-Testosterone Cypionate left in the filter.
11.Bake solution, with 25g needle in stopper, at 250 degrees for 45 minutes.


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