Testosterone Acetate Steroid

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Testosterone Acetate is known on the market is being one of the fastest acting even when compared to esters like Enanthate and Cypionate. It will require a more frequent injections schedule to keep blood and hormone levels stable but is great for tested athletes because it clears the body very quickly. Testosterone-based steroids are generally considered one of the greatest basis for any steroid cycle. Testosterone Acetate has a high androgenic and anabolic nature and as a result many athletes that take it see big boosts when it comes to their strength and size. As well as increasing athletic performance the medication can boost overall libido and improve sex drive. Due to the aromatizing nature of this product it’s important to consider counteracting any negative estrogen-based side effects with the help of anti-estrogens. Supplementing this medication with ant estrogen’s like Arimidex and Nolvadex can ensure that there are no side effects throughout a cycle. It’s also extremely important to consider post cycle body chemistry. Ensuring that your body will continue to produce testosterone after being supplemented for so long is a big concern for many athletes. Taking HCG and Nolvadex after you finish a cycle on this medication will ensure that your body hormone levels will turn back to their normal state and that you can hold onto all of the performance results that you gained through the cycle. PCT will need to take place 3 to 4 weeks after your cycle to ensure proper body chemistry. The recommended dosage on this product for men is 250-1000mg each week. Women should not take this product.

Testosterone Acetate Properties

Product Name Testosterone Acetate
Brand Names Aceto-Sterandryl and others
Appearance White Powder
CAS Number 1045-69-8
Formula C21H30O3
Molar mass 330.466 g/mol
Purity 99.1%
Uses Low Testosterone Treatment
Policy Free Reship Policy
Standard GMP Standard

Testosterone Acetate Structure

Testosterone Acetate Uses

Testosterone Acetate combination of Testosterone and ester acetate, Testosterone Acetate is an androgenic steroids with a pronounced anabolic effect. Most acetate treatments deliver medication to the body relatively quickly. Testosterone Acetate has very low risk of water retention. Individuals that utilize this form of Testosterone also claim that it is arguably the most painless form of Testosterone. Testosterone Acetate ester is much faster acting, and thus requires a more frequent schedule in order to keep blood levels as stable as possible.

Testosterone acetate belongs to the male hormone, maintaining and promoting the development of masculinity and sexual organs. Testosterone acetate is also used to treat women with breast cancer, ovarian cancer, uterine fibroids, such as multiple myeloma and renal cell carcinoma. Testosterone Acetate is responsible for other male characteristics and spermatogenesis after its conversion to dihydrotestosterone by 5alpha-reductase in peripheral tissue. Testosterone Acetate is converted to dihydrotestosterone in the target tissues where it appears to mediate many of the biological actions of testosterone.

Testosterone Acetate HPLC

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Testosterone Acetate Recipes

Testosterone Acetate powders injection the conversion recipe, for reference only.
Take 20 ml @ 250 mg/ml Testosterone Acetate For Example

Materials Required:

  1. 5 grams powder
  2. 15.25 ml sesame oil
  3. Benzyl Alcohol 1ml 5% BA
  4. Syringes 3cc & 5/10cc
  5. 18 or 20 gauge needles
  6. Vial
  7. Sterile Vial
  8. Whatman sterile filter

Manufacturing Operation

  • Measure 5 grams of powder;
  • Place the powder in the vial;
  • Add BA to the vial;
  • Heat the oil in a suitable container in the oven to a minimum of 212 degrees F to sterilise it (it will likely be necessary to use slightly more oil than listed as you will not be able to utilise all of it);
  • Add the oil to the vial but save 2 ml of oil in the syringe for later
  • Gently shake the vial;
  • Reheat the mixture if necessary by placing the vial in a frying pan and place it on the eye of the stove;
  • Place an 18 or 20 gauge needle in the sterile vial and attach the Whatman sterile filter;
  • Place another needle in the sterile vial to relieve the pressure
  • Draw out the solution with a syringe and run it though the Whatman filter;
  • Take the other syringe with 2 ml of oil (saved previously) and run it through the Whatman filter into the solution.